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How the arts benefit student achievement

How to help your child develop effective study habits and time management skills

Fun ways to celebrate Earth Day

How to raise a reader: 7 easy tips parents can start using today

How to evaluate potential schools for your child

4 Reasons Why Sports Help Kids in School

10 must-see places in the USA to take your child before they graduate

10 Brain Foods That Will Help Your Child Thrive in School

6 screen-free ways to unplug with your family

4 tips to help your child maintain a love of learning

How to raise service minded kids - 3 ways parents can encourage their children to serve

The Value of Christian Education: Finding the Right Christian School for Your Child

How to Cultivate and Nurture Your Child's Passion

Engaging girls in STEM education and careers

How to survive and ease your child's transition to middle school

School Morning Hacks To Keep Moms Sane

Empowering Girls to Pursue STEM Fields

10 Tips to Avoid Colds and the Flu This Season

7 Easy, Creative DIY Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Should your child study abroad before college?

These books can help teach your child empathy.

Why Co-Curriculars Are Important To Your Child's Success

5 Advantages Your Child Can Gain from Project-Based Learning

Inauguration Day Fun Facts and Trivia - How Much do You Know?

4 Tips On Keeping Kids Safe On Social Media

7 Ways to Unleash Your Child's Creativity During Early Childhood

How do your child's peers impact their academic success? 5 ways parents can promote positive peer influence and encourage academic excellence.

Three Areas To Focus On When Helping Your Child Make New Year's Resolutions

10 Great Christmas Tradition Ideas for Your Growing Family

Teaching your child to give back at Christmas

These Top 6 STEM Toys Make Great Christmas Gifts

13 Questions to Test Your Kids' Thanksgiving Knowledge

How to Plant a Spring Garden

Common Core or Uncommon Learning

A School's Approach to Innovation

GAC Moves Up to AAA Classification in the GHSA

Security in an Insecure World

Teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

10 Tips to Make Prepping for Finals Easier

Grading the Future

The Danger of Praise

What Students Need Now

How to Promote a Growth Mindset in School

What is the value of standardized testing?

What is Blended Learning?

Social Movements That Have Changed Our World

10 Tips to Raise a Reader

Road to the Dome

Look What's Happening - Nov. 19, 2014

Look What's Happening - Nov. 5, 2014

Look What's Happening- Oct. 20, 2014

Look What's Happening - Oct. 10, 2014

Look What's Happening

5 Tips on How to Raise Financially Independent Kids

World Cup Dreams - GAC Boys Soccer Team Tops National Poll

How to Get Into the Most Selective Colleges

Celebrate Father’s Day With All Pro Dad LIVE

Over 50 Great Books for Summer Reading

How to Be a Guilt-Free Mom

Are You Ready for the Newly Redesigned SAT?

Greater Atlanta Christian Celebrates the Resurrection

What's Really Important in Raising a Child?

Why Be a Host Family to an International Student?

Can Arrowsmith Help Your Child?

Do You Take "Selfies?"

Enriching Students with Summer Camp Opportunities

More Than Words

GAC Traditions - The Event and the Blessing

Director of Diversity Reflects on Impact of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Permission Marketing Makes Sense

Teens & Screens - A Parent's Guide to Technology Use

Parents: A Word about Instagram

Personal Safety for Kids - What is a radKID?

5 Tricks to Plan the Perfect Event

Ask These 12 Questions Every Day

Make Sitting in Traffic with Your Kids FUN!

4 Tips to Reading Success

How to Promote Positive Self Image with Your Daughters

How to Manage Social Media with Your Child

Back to School - What Does Good Student Work Look Like?

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