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School Morning Hacks to Keep Moms Sane

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School on Sun, Feb 23, 2020

morning-routine.jpgWeekday mornings before school can be hectic. "Where's my homework?" "Mom, do you know where my other shoe is?" "Did you remember to sign my permission slip?" Let's face it, it can be crazy in the morning trying to get the kids up, dressed, fed, and ready for school on time, but it doesn't have to be that way. With an established morning routine, things can go more smoothly.

Children can't follow your expectations if you don't tell them what you expect, so clear communication is paramount. Whether your family eats breakfast in pajamas so they don't spill oatmeal on their clothes, or whether no one is allowed at the table until they're fully dressed, stop and think about what your routine is. It may not be the same as your next door neighbor's, but that's all right. If you don't have a morning routine, it's time to create one.

Here are some Mom hacks to help your family have an easier, more efficient morning before school. 

Plan Ahead
Plan ahead. Do as much as possible the night before, so if something is missing or lost you can look for it then, not five minutes before the bus leaves. Know where books, backpacks, homework, permission slips, etc., are before anyone goes to bed.

Lay Out Clothes
Lay out all clothes the night before. Make sure this includes shoes, jackets, and anything else your kids will be wearing. The only thing worse than "the great shoe hunt" is finding out at 7 o'clock in the morning that something they need to wear isn't clean.

Prepare Lunches or Snacks
If they bring lunch or a snack from home, make it the night before and put it in the refrigerator. Young children can help with this task and older children can handle this on their own to learn responsibility.

Eat Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so try not to skimp on this or skip it in the morning. Teachers can tell the difference between students who eat breakfast and students who don't. Students who eat breakfast are more focused and have more energy to tackle learning. 

It's important to eat a healthy breakfast, but it doesn't have to be something overly involved. Determine a few reasonable choices to give your children in the morning that you or they can make in the time you have without rushing. 

Say a Prayer
Start your day off positive with a prayer or by reciting a verse with your kids in the morning. Take a moment before your kids leave in the morning -- perhaps at the breakfast table or in the car if you're driving them to school to pray with them. They can take turns leading it. Take time to express gratitude. Have each child say one or two things they are thankful for too. Doing this and saying a prayer together sets an important example for your children that prayer is an everyday part of life for your family.

Get Enough Rest
There is a tendency for bedtime to slip later and later during the school year. Make sure your kids are getting enough rest. Scoot bedtime back a little if necessary. Children need 8-10 hours of sleep. Teenagers need 8-9 hours. Not only are they cranky if they don't get enough rest, but they're also likely to have trouble concentrating in school. A good night sleep promotes an easier morning. 

A relaxed and organized morning can change the entire outlook of your family's day. Take a little time to prepare and create a routine that works for your family so that your mornings are stress-free and run smoothly!


At Greater Atlanta Christian School we partner with families to make life as easy as possible. Our dining services eliminates the need to stress over what's for lunch by offering our students healthy and delicious options daily. And we offer extensive morning and afternoon bus transportation to get your child to and from school safely as well as late bus routes for our many students involved in after school activities and athletics on campus.

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