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5 Reasons Your School Should Have a Garden

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School on Tue, Jun 20, 2023

School gardens have become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. There are numerous benefits to having a garden on school grounds. Here are five reasons why your school should have a garden:

1. Promotes Healthy Eating Habits: School gardens provide fresh produce that can be used in the school cafeteria or even taken home by students. This can encourage healthy eating habits and help combat childhood obesity.

2. Hands-On Learning: A garden is an excellent way to teach students about science, math, and environmental studies. Students can learn about plant life cycles, soil composition, and even the importance of pollinators.

3. Encourages Outdoor Activity: With the rise of technology, children are spending more time indoors. A garden provides an opportunity for students to get outside, get their hands dirty, and connect with nature.

4. Fosters a Sense of Community: A school garden can bring students, teachers, and parents together to care for the garden. This can foster a sense of community and belonging.

5. Teaches Responsibility: A garden requires consistent care and attention. By participating in the care of the garden, students learn responsibility, patience, and the importance of hard work.

Overall, a school garden can provide numerous benefits for students, teachers, and the community. It can promote healthy eating habits, provide hands-on learning opportunities, encourage outdoor activity, foster a sense of community, and teach responsibility.

Greater Atlanta Christian School's Nasmyth Environmental Center exposes students to a whole world of possibilities in hands-on learning. Recognizing the importance of stewardship and environmental education for children, GAC partnered with the Atlanta Botanical Garden to bring spacious garden beds, a chicken coop, a koi pond, a fish hatchery, a mud kitchen, and a self-sustainable hydroelectric greenhouse onto GAC's campus. Students Pre-K - Elementary age visit the Environmental Learning Center for Environmental Learning classes each week. 

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