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The Value of Christian Education: Finding the Right Christian School for Your Child

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School on Mon, Mar 9, 2020

Raising children with Christian values in a secular society continues to be challenging. The advancement of technology and the changing landscape of communications is making it even more difficult to protect children from beliefs and behaviors that don't coincide with the Christian faith.

Many parents want to ensure their kids have role models who positively influence their child's character, model empathy, serve others, and encourage him or her to utilize their God-given talents to impact the world around them. This leads many parents to consider a private Christian school where their children will be educated in a community with other families who share similar values, beliefs, and educational goals. Parents concerned with academic excellence, qualified teachers, a positive learning environment, and a safe and engaged community, should consider partnering with a private Christian school to give their child a well-rounded educational experience.

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