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Teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School on Sat, Jun 20, 2020

In 1983, President Reagan signed a bill that approved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday as a federal holiday. King is well known for his leadership in the Civil Rights Movement from the mid-1950s to the late 1960s at which point he was assassinated. For his work, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. While arguably every American has at least familiarity with King’s work, his life and work provide a powerful message within the Christian community. King was a Baptist preacher who utilized biblical principles to launch and carry out the Civil Rights Movement. In 13 short years, Dr. King guided a movement that is still relevant, studied, admired, and remembered. While all of his accomplishments are vast and impactful, as a Christian community, we should recognize that his biggest accomplishment was his dogmatic and insightful approach to using God’s Word for effectively transforming the conscience of a nation. He used God’s word as a guiding force for the Civil Rights Movement and he continuously credited God as the force pushing the movement through. Dr. King’s unwavering faith in the truth of God’s Word is what propelled him to carry out the dream of equality no matter the cost.

There are five biblical principles Dr. King taught America that transcended race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and religion.

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10 Brain Foods that will Help your Child Thrive in School

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School on Wed, Jun 10, 2020

All parents know it is important to feed their children breakfast and lunch so they can do their very best at school. Growling stomachs can interrupt learning! But it is important to note that it's not just important to feed children, but to be intentional about choosing foods that will help them learn, focus, and concentrate. Foods full of sugar and unhealthy fats can cause children to swing between hyper and sluggish.

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4 Tips to Help your Child Maintain a Love of Learning

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School on Sat, May 16, 2020
For a parent, there is no greater pleasure than watching your child learn new things. While a school's purpose is to ensure children receive the education they need to be successful in life, parents play a role in preparing children outside the classroom as well. The best teachers inspire students to nurture their curiosity by creating an environment where learning is fun. Parents can do the same at home to instill a love of learning in their child that will last a lifetime. 
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How to Evaluate Potential Schools for your Child

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School on Thu, May 14, 2020

Even before you send your child to college, you have another important decision to make. Where should they go to high school (or even middle school)? The high school your child attends will affect the quality of their education and their college options. While there are a lot of points to consider, here are the top 8.
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Why Co-curriculars are Important to Your Child's Success

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School on Thu, Apr 23, 2020

Co-curricular activities give students the opportunity to explore their interests, nurture their talents, and grow their strengths further than time allows in a traditional classroom setting. 

Co-curricular experiences are essential for college acceptance and success. College admissions teams look closely at a student’s academic achievements. However, co-curricular experiences offer a means by which to differentiate one high-performing student from the next.

Through co-curricular activities, students foster a sense of self, gain problem-solving skills, and learn to develop and nurture relationships. All of these skills are essential to success in a college environment and life.

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