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Director of Diversity & Inclusion Reflects on Impact of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by Charles Edwards on Fri, Jun 26, 2020

As an African American and even more as an American citizen, I recognize that I live in a world that is better because Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived. He is a great example for each of us showing us that standing on the side of truth can be arduous, but the principle of conviction can overcome any obstacle. His conviction guided him through the imminence of death, the responsibility of leadership during uncertainty, and faith to endure constant adversity.  

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Topics: Diversity, Director of Diversity

Social Movements that have Changed our World

Posted by Charles Edwards on Wed, Feb 19, 2020
Since the beginning of time, history has recorded many religious, political, and social movements that have shaped our world. History also recounts the contributions of transformative figures whose voices influenced these formative moments. The legacy of these individuals are forever woven in the fabric of history.
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Topics: Black History Month