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6 screen-free ways to unplug with your family

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

When it comes to instilling positive values in your children, one of the easiest ways is to set technology aside at least one night a week for a fun family activity. You can then focus on teaching your children to collaborate and engage in quality communication while forging a strong family bond. 

Here are six ways to unplug with your family to take advantage of screen-free time:

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Empowering Girls to Pursue STEM Fields

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

This month, many organizations in the United States and abroad are celebrating women working in, and making a difference in STEM-related fields. STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. The skills gained through these subjects are desirable across industries and necessary to compete in today's workforce and careers of the future.

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4 Tips On Keeping Kids Safe On Social Media

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

Technology is a way of life now. Gone are the days when only a few kids at school had a cell phone, when children used the house landline to call their friends, and online social profiles didn't exist. Phones and computers are here to stay and social media is a part of our culture. Instead of forbidding social media, parents can start teaching their children to be technologically savvy and safe.
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