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How to raise a reader: 7 easy tips parents can start using today

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

 We all know how important good reading skills are in today's world. Everything we learn has a reading aspect; even math textbooks require reading. Reading is the door to knowledge and understanding, adventure, and success. The better we read, the easier it is to get ahead in life. Reading is a great way to learn communication skills, including writing skills. The more we read, the easier it gets. In a world full of books, but many distractions, how do we get our children to read?
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These books can help teach your child empathy.

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

We are raising our children in a world of connectivity. Today, more than ever, we are truly able to step into someone else's life through the Internet. As children begin to investigate the world around them, time and distance no longer impedes their ability to view other's perspectives and share thoughts and ideas. But the Internet is not the only place young people can gain exposure to the plights and hardships of others. They can do it through books too. Books that teach empathy can help children begin to formulate ways to make the world around them better. 

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4 Tips to Reading Success

Posted by Dr. Misty Overman

Over the years, I have interviewed hundreds of students in middle school and high school.  I often ask them, "Do you like to read?"  Now days, the savvy student will always answer "yes" quickly whether or not it's true.  But occasionally I will come across one brave soul who, in front of God and his parents will say..."no."  Ahhh, the challenge begins!

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