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5 Tricks to Plan the Perfect Event

Posted by Margie Asef

Let's face it...sooner or later we all get to play the part of the official family event planner. Depending on the number of balls you are juggling, this undertaking can quickly become daunting. To make life a bit easier, consider the following tricks when planning your next family event. 

Apply the good old fashioned 5 W's:

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Ask These 12 Questions Every Day

Posted by Jamie Dalton

Parents, we have tough jobs!  Whether you work outside of the home or work in the home, we each have a full list of to-dos every day.  From making sure everyone is fed to checking homework, from running countless errands to sitting in the stands cheering like crazy for your burgeoning athlete...we do it all

parent and child, parenting
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How to Manage Social Media with Your Child

Posted by Lori Reed

With so many options out there - Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Twitter, Snapchat - it can be overwhelming to know how to manage or regulate social media sites for your child.  While each has its own quirks and pitfalls, there are a few common sense guidelines that apply to them all:

social media with kids

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Topics: managing social media with your child, social media at home, kids and internet, parents and students

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