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10 Great Christmas Tradition Ideas for Your Growing Family

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory or tradition from your childhood? Are you wanting to create your own Christmas tradition for your children to participate in year after year?

Chances are your traditions will become some of your children's favorite memories, and they may even incorporate the same traditions into their own families when they are older. Christmas traditions are an great way to invest time in your family and place more emphasis on sharing experiences and building memories together.

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Teaching your child to give back at Christmas

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

While most adults understand the true meaning of Christmas, it can be more difficult for kids to grasp the importance of this season.

Helping kids shift their priorities during this exciting time of year from "getting" to "giving" helps them develop a deep sense of empathy and caring that will bring them closer to their peers and their community. Teaching your child to give back this Christmas is a great way to help them participate in the spirit of kindness that inspires this season. 

As Christians, we have received the most wonderful gift of all with the birth of Jesus. What better way to celebrate that gift by giving some of the comforts and resources we enjoy to those in need?

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These Top 6 STEM Toys Make Great Christmas Gifts

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

Finding the perfect gift for the kids on your Christmas list may seem like a daunting task, but don't fret -- we've got you covered.

We've gathered some creative and surprising gift ideas that are fun and educational. You may be aware of the emphasis on STEM in schools. STEM education (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is crucial for the development of children who are entering a modern world where innovation, leadership, problem solving, and high-level thinking skills are in high demand.

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