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How to Get Into the Most Selective Colleges

Posted by Jamie Dalton

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Nelson Mandela said it right, didn't he? Education not only opens the world up to a student, but also helps launch them toward a bright and hopeful future. Investing in a college education expands employment opportunities and income potential.  


But, first you have to get in.

More high school seniors than ever before are applying to colleges and universities. Richard H. Shaw, the dean of undergraduate admission at Stanford says, “For most kids, [applying to college] really used to be a regional process, but they have access to so much information online now, so every school seems local” ( article). 

So, how do you get in? How do you prepare?

In their article “Use All 4 Years of High School to Prep for College,U.S. News & World Report gives advice on how to get ready for college by suggesting action items for each year of high schoolJay Mathews from the Washington Post even gives suggestions on how to get middle schoolers on the right track for college admissions. 

The college counseling department at Greater Atlanta Christian School is top notch and makes sure upperclassmen are ready for the college admission process by working with them early on in their high school years. Paired with regular one-on-one counseling sessions, rigorous class loads and getting involved in extra-curricular activities and leadership opportunities sets GAC students up for success.  During the last two years, Greater Atlanta Christian graduates have gained admittance to 16 of the top 20 colleges in the country (bolded schools show GAC acceptances).  

Top 20: National Universities (U.S. News & World Report rankings):
Princeton University
Harvard University
Yale University
Columbia University
Stanford University
University of Chicago
Duke University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Pennsylvania
California Institute of Technology
Dartmouth College
Johns Hopkins University
Northwestern University
Brown University

Washington University in St. Louis
Cornell University
Vanderbilt University
Rice University
University of Notre Dame
Emory University
Georgetown University

University of California - Berkeley


Is your student prepared to apply for college? Read our blog post about the newly designed SAT.

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