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Ask These 12 Questions Every Day

Posted by Jamie Dalton

Parents, we have tough jobs!  Whether you work outside of the home or work in the home, we each have a full list of to-dos every day.  From making sure everyone is fed to checking homework, from running countless errands to sitting in the stands cheering like crazy for your burgeoning athlete...we do it all

BUT, have you ever arrived at the end of your day and realized that you forgot to tuck "little Susie" in or realized that you fussed more than you loved?  I sure have.  Author and founder of Family First, Mark Merrill, provides us with list of questions to ask ourselves at the end of the day. parent and child, parenting

Merrill gives us 12 questions to ask ourselves that can help us be better parents to our kids in spite of all our to-dos.  Moms AND dads can benefit from these questions.

  1. How much time did I spend one-on-one with my child today?

  2. Was I really engaged, or was I distracted with calls, texts, and emails when I was with my child?

  3. Did I hug my child and say "I love you?"

  4. Did I compliment or criticize my child?

  5. Was I calm and firm, or mean and harsh when I disciplined my child?

  6. Did I have a meal together with my child?

  7. Did I help my child with their schoolwork?

  8. Did I pray with and for my child?

  9. Did I tuck my child into bed?

  10. Did I read to my child?

  11. Did I listen more or lecture more?

  12. Did I monitor my child's television and computer time?

Come on, parents - WE CAN DO IT!  Let's make purposeful, pro-active steps forward in being involved, loving parents to our children.


List authored by Mark Merrill from at

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