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Make Sitting in Traffic with Your Kids FUN!

Posted by Dr. Misty Overman

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If you live in Atlanta, a popular topic of discussion is the traffic. We all experience that special time each day - when you and a few million of your closest friends attempt to go to the same place at the same time. (Repeat in the evening.)

As we travel around the city trying to get everyone to school, work, and appointments, perhaps we could use that time for something other than sitting, waiting, and getting frustrated.

Could sitting in traffic be a time of connection with your kids? 

Could some of your best memories be made having a captive audience in the car with your kids?

You could…

  • Listen to a book on tape with your kids. It’s a great way to introduce and encourage a love of reading.

  • Have your children test each other for today's quiz. (The more you teach, the more you learn.)

  • Pray together.

  • Create routines (and traditions) by deciding different ways to sit in the car, choose the morning's breakfast spot, choose the radio station, etc. (In 10 years, your children will have something funny to talk about.)

  • Have a weekly current event discussion. You would be surprised what your kids will tell you when they don't have to look you in the face.

  • FaceTime or call the grandparents – they will love seeing or talking to the grandkids. (Let your oldest control the phone, remember - you are driving.)

  • Talk & listen. This could be precious time with your children. They will be driving soon and you will miss this time with them. 

For some reason, God has placed us in a city with lots of travel time. Rather than dreading each commute, use it to God's glory. Love on your kids.

photo credit: lennox_mcdough via photopin cc

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