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4 Tips to Reading Success

Posted by Dr. Misty Overman

Over the years, I have interviewed hundreds of students in middle school and high school.  I often ask them, "Do you like to read?"  Now days, the savvy student will always answer "yes" quickly whether or not it's true.  But occasionally I will come across one brave soul who, in front of God and his parents will say..."no."  Ahhh, the challenge begins!

What can you do Love to read, booksif your child doesn't like to read?  Here are 4 tips on how to experience reading success.

  1. Don't give up They will find something they like to read out there.  In the meantime, they have to keep their skills up.

  2. Read out loud, listen to books on tape, watch the movie.  Get them hooked on the idea of the story rather than the comprehension of all those words on all those pages.

  3. Have them read aloud.  Anything!  Sport's Illustrated, the comics, a magazine, a blog - whatever they are interested in.  But have them read out loud for at least 10 minutes a day.  They need to hear the sound of their voice reading inside their head.  Often this is one quick way to engage them in the story.  And the bonus of an audience helps with motivation.

  4. Ask them questions about what they are reading.  EVEN if you don't care!  Knowing others are interested helps them to become interested and makes them feel a level of accountability.  And it improves their comprehension.

Reading is a lifelong skill.  Dr. Seuss sums it up best....

"The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."  -- Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut"


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