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How the arts benefit student achievement

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

Individuals learn and interact in different ways, and participation in a variety of art disciplines can provide additional pathways to learning complex concepts.

Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development is a comprehensive, decades-long research piece backing the benefits of art in learning environments. This excellent guide incorporates data from worldwide studies correlating artistic involvement and academic, social, and developmental success through dance, drama, visual arts and music. A summary published by the study's key sponsors, states that "increased years of enrollment in arts courses positively correlated with higher SAT verbal and math scores."

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How to help your child develop effective study habits and time management skills

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

School projects, homework, and reading assignments are an opportunity for students to practice time management and study skills outside the structure of the classroom. These skills are essential to success later in life, and when mastered early, greatly improve your child's experience and self-confidence.

As a parent, you want to avoid the chaos of helping your child desperately complete long-term projects or "cram" for important exams the night before they are due. You want to avoid "nagging" your child to do his or her homework, but as a parent, you feel responsible for supervising your child's home studies.

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Fun ways to celebrate Earth Day

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

Earth Day is April 22. No matter how young or old your child or children, Earth Day activities are a good way to focus on the natural world around us. There are many fun ways to do this. Choose or adapt some of the activities below to fit your family. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

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How to raise a reader: 7 easy tips parents can start using today

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

 We all know how important good reading skills are in today's world. Everything we learn has a reading aspect; even math textbooks require reading. Reading is the door to knowledge and understanding, adventure, and success. The better we read, the easier it is to get ahead in life. Reading is a great way to learn communication skills, including writing skills. The more we read, the easier it gets. In a world full of books, but many distractions, how do we get our children to read?
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Topics: reading, parenting tips

How to evaluate potential schools for your child

Posted by Greater Atlanta Christian School

Even before you send your child to college, you have another important decision to make. Where should they go to high school (or even middle school)? The high school your child attends will affect the quality of their education and their college options. While there are a lot of points to consider, here are the top 8.
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